Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Are we really justified by Faith Research Paper

Are we really justified by Faith - Research Paper Example As he lived his life, he attempted to prove his faith by acts, and works. But he realized that that was not saving him. As he read through scripture, he came to terms with the fact that he is justified by his faith. What he believes, and his faith in God, will bring him to fruition. In Genesis 15:6, we see that Abraham believed in the Lord and because of his belief, he was made righteous. The word righteous here means just or fair. Because of Abraham’s belief, he was considered to be a righteous man. It did not matter what he did as a person, what mattered was his belief in God. Though he was born again, his works was not what saved him. God accepted Abraham not because he lived a life of perfection, but because he believed and he responded to God’s promises. This particular verse was mentioned three different times in the New Testament as proof of the importance of faith in one’s salvation. It was quoted in Romans, Galatians and also in James. Even in the Old Te stament it is clear that God looked for faith and not moral perfection. Abraham also demonstrates great faith in his offering of his son in Genesis 22:1-18. He blindly obeys God’s command until God forbids him. God spares Abraham’s son because of his obedience to him. ... First God commands things into existence. Then he creates a logical division. After, he names it and last but not least, he evaluates it. This is a pattern that is seen throughout normal life. In teaching, you tell the student what to do, you give instructions, you point out the good/bad and then you evaluate the assignment based on its performance. Faith believes that things will turn out the way it is supposed to at the right time. Justification is like being clothed in divine righteousness. When you think about the book of Exodus, you tend to lean on the changes that are occurring in the Bible. The exodus was a major time period when the Israelites left one area to go to the next. The term is widely used as reference to different things such as a â€Å"leaving† or â€Å"departing† in a simple every day scenario. In Romans, you see an Exodus from slavery. Due to the nature of the people living during the Bible times, slavery was not considered an act of infringement. Instead, it was accepted and there was a simple hierarchy that everyone became familiar with. Without this hierarch, like capitalism in the United States, a society was very incapable of functioning on a higher level. Terry Virgo, a Christian Pastor looks at Christian freedom of slavery from sin. This indeed is in part a form of exodus, a practice justified by the government during those times. Justification is the legal act where God declares the sinner to be innocent of his or her sin. It does not mean that the particular sinner is sinless; it just means that God â€Å"declares† him sinless. This declaration of righteousness is what it means to be justified by God and faith. This justification can only be made clear because of Jesus’ shed blood. Without the shed blood of

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